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What is heat recovery heat pump and exhaust water heat pump

Many people are not clear about the difference between heat recovery heat pump and exhaust water heat pump and often get confused. Now I’m making it clear what is heat recovery heat pump and what is exhaust water heat pump.

1.Heat recovery heat pump is air source heat pump which makes free hot water when it make central air cooling. It collect back the heat from hot water return from home and transfer it to the domestic water. The efficiency can be about 7. That means 1KW can totally produce 7KW heating and cooling capacity. This is really awesome energy saving. You can check some exsiting heat recovery heat pump at /Heat-Recovery-HeatPump-for-Heat-Cool-HotWater-product-178.html. There is another interesting feature for this product. If some design is not so good, when central heating, the domestic water may absorb the heat from the central heating. DHW and central heating may affect with each other. If the technology is correct, it can produce more central heating plus domestic hot water without affect each other. You need to be careful to check that when you choose a heat recovery heat pump.

2.Exhaust water heat pump (some may call it waste water heat pump) is water source heat pump which utilize the waste water. Actually normal water source heat pump can do that work. as shown at /Water-source-Heat-Pump-single-unit-5-30KW-product-179.html, if the water source heat pump use a closed loop, the heat exchange pipes can be put inside the waster water and then it can absorb the waste water heat.

3.Of course there is another kind of waste water heat pump which allow the waste water to flow directly through the heat pump heat exchanger, but the heat exchanger must use very special material. It cannot be used for home for the high expense. Original credit chinaheatpump. Please keep this link if you want to use the above information.

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