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High COP inverter heat pump chiller with AHRI certificate

Main characters:
1-Luxury Touch Screen Controller with Advanced Tech.

2-Optional Mobile Wifi Cloud server control on all platform including Android, Iphone, website.
3-Operation under ambient temp from -25°C to 53°C.
4-Low start current of 2A.
5-Weather Compensation Auto Heating Curve function.
6-Mitsubishi Dual inverter compressor high technology.

7- Panasonic inverter EC fan motor to get the best efficiency.

8- High efficient inverter water circulation pump.
9-Built inside water flow meter and switch to read water flow volume directly to ensure best performance.
10-Saginomiya electric expansion vessel to save more energy.

11- Built-inside safety valve.
12-Optional Built in backup EL-Heating Element 3KW.
13-More integrated control parts for easy maintenance and reliability.
14-Water access parts are stainless steel or copper to keep safe, healthy and non-pollution.

Quality for reliability and saving maintenance cost.
Top Brand components:
SU316 stainless steel plate heat exchanger.
Danfoss Electric Expansion Valve for accurate control.
Saginomiya Japanese brand four way valve.
A class circulation pump.
Panasonic high class DC inverter fan motor



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