Swimming Pool Heat Pump 4.8KW
Swimming Pool Heat Pump 6.5KW-8.5KW

heat pump fan coils

Fan coil with super thin and elegant design.  Heating and Cooling function.

Best partner of heating and cooling  heat pumps, reversible heat pumps.

heat pump ceiling cassette fan coils

Detailed Description:

Elegant design and Compact structure for ceiling Safe and reliable, long service life and low noise

High performance coils by USA OAK facilities
Airflow: 200CFM to 1400CFM 
Fan type: centrifugal Static pressure (L/M/H static): 12/30/50Pa 
I/O connetion: 3/4″  

Power supply: 230V/1Phase/50Hz-60Hz  

Capacity: 3KW-16KW

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