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Heat Pump Calculator-What size heat pump do you need?

Your heating needs depend on many factors, including the level of insulation, the area to be heated, the window area and the climate. Our calculator allows you to estimate the heat loss from a room and the capacity of the heater needed to maintain a comfortable temperature.

This guide will give you a good indication as to what size pump you require. Please contact us to discuss this further to ensure you get the correct heat pump unit for your requirement.

Our calculator allows you to estimate the capacity of heat pump you’ll need to maintain a comfortable temperature.

For comfort you should keep your room heated to at least 20 degree.

  • The output you need is the rated capacity of the heatpump, not the maximum capacity.
  • This figure is the capacity needed to maintain a temperature difference of about 12 degree between indoors and outdoors.
  • In colder climates, you may need a higher capacity. Use the H2 output capacity if available.
  • These calculations do not apply to ducted systems.

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